Date: January 9, 2019

Contacts:      Brittany L. Kennedy, KPEPC Administrator, or

                    D. Seth Staker, KPEPC Plans Implementation and Evaluation Committee Chair

       Phone: (304) 414-3600

       Email: [email protected]


To Whom it May Concern:

The Kanawha Putnam Emergency Planning Committee has reviewed and collaboratively updated the Kanawha Putnam Emergency Management Plan during the calendar year 2018.  On December 3, 2018, at 6:00pm in the Kanawha County Commission Courtroom a public hearing was conducted by the Kanawha Putnam Emergency Planning Committee for public review and comment related to the emergency plan.

The plan is available and maintained for public review on the internet at the KPEPC site,, at the KPEPC Offices at 120 Third Avenue  in South Charleston, WV and at public library locations throughout Kanawha and Putnam Counties.

The KPEPC undertakes reviews of the plan, at least annually and, as per policy, after significant disaster and/or emergency events.


View Basic Plan

Functional Annexes

A01 Public Warning
A02 Emergency Public Information
A03 Communications
A04 Evacuation
A05 Transportation
A06 Traffic Diversion
A07 Mass Care
A08 Health and Medical
A09 Fire and Rescue
A12 Special Needs Population
A13 Continuity of Government
A14 Law Enforcement Security
A15 Resource Management
A16 Chemical HazMat Response
A17 Biological Events
A18 Radiological/Nuclear Response
A19 Crisis Relocation
A20 Terrorist Incident Response
A21 Search and Rescue
A22 Restricted Airspace
A23 Volunteer Response
A24 Recovery
A25 Mitigation
A26 Mining Accidents
A27 Catastrophic Event
A28 Animal (Pet) Care

Hazard Annexes

B01 Weather Emergencies
B02 Hazardous Materials Incident
B03 Biological Incidents
B04 Explosion
B05 Terrorism
B06 Bomb Threat
B07 Civil Disturbance
B08 Nuclear Attack
B09 Building Collapse
B10 Bridge Collapse
B11 Landslide
B12 Public Water Emergency
B13 Transportation
B14 Earthquake
B15 Amber Alert/Missing Person
B16 Special Event
17 Conflagration
B18 Dams & Impoundments