Kanawha and Putnam Counties has systems in place to warn residents of impending emergencies. Whether it is weather, a chemical spill, or other emergency situation, there are some good sources of information.


Notification Apps

Both Kanawha and Putnam Counties have apps for your Apple or Android device that alerts you of any dangerous situations. 

For Kanawha County, download the KC Ready app from your App Store or this link.

For Putnam County, download Heads Up Community from your App Store or this link and select Putnam County.

If you prefer to receive information via your cell phone, you can sign up using Swift Reach. Sign up by texting "SWIFT911" to 99538! Or download the app on your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. You will receive notifications from both Kanawha and Putnam Counties in West Virginia.


Disaster Siren System

Kanawha and Putnam Counties has a series of 55 disaster alert sirens designed to alert the public of dangerous sitations, including severe weather, shelter in place, or evacuations. 

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