Kanawha and Putnam Counties has a fully redundant outdoor and personal alerting and notification system that protects communities and citizens during natural (weather) or man-made (chemical, terrorist) disasters. 

Why Do We Need These Sirens?

The sirens will allow for emergency officials to target populations and to deliver specific messages. By increasing the public's ability to know what steps to take following an emergency, community resilience is enhanced. 

What Do The Sirens Sound Like?

The siren provides an excellent voice reproduction and an intense alert warning signal with continued emergency operations regardless of primary power outages. When the siren is activated, citizens will hear a steady siren tone, followed by a Voice Announcement, concluding with a steady siren tone. 

Are The Sirens Tested?

The disaster sirens are tested at noon the 4th Wednesday of each month. The siren will emit a steady tone followed by the Pre-Recorded Test Message, concluding with a steady siren tone. 

What Should I Do If I Hear A Siren (not at the monthly testing time)?

Should you hear the disaster sirens at any time other than the monthly test, go indoors and turn on the radio/TV for further information. A siren tone is initiated before and after the pre­recorded or live message. One of the challenges of tone only sirens is the ability to effectively communicate a specific message to the public. 

Radio Stations 
WCHS (580 AM) 
WCAW (680 AM) 
WKWS (96.1 FM) 
WVAF (99.9 FM) 
WBES (95.4 FM) 
WQBE (950 AM and 97.5 FM) 
WVSR (102.7 FM) 
WSCW (1410 AM) 
WKAZ (107.3 FM) 
Television Stations 
All local television stations will broadcast emergency information as will cable systems. Importantly, the information will NOT be broadcast on satellite-based services that do not carry local programming. 

Where Are The Sirens Located?

There are over 55 disaster warning sirens located throughout Kanawha and Putnam Counties. These sirens are activated in the event of chemical manufacturing incidents, hazardous material transportation accidents and natural (weather) disasters. Nearly one-half of these sirens are capable of producing intense warning signal, live and digital voice messaging.

Kanawha County

Capitol Complex (4)
Charleston (2)
Kanawha City
Kanawha County Courthouse
Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary
Nitro Market Place
North Charleston
South Charleston
St. Albans
WV State University
Yeager Airport

Putnam County

  • Eleanor
  • Hurricane
  • Poca
  • Teays Valley
  • Winfield